Newest Project

Pine Street Bridge Floral Pots

We have placed ten pots along the Pine Street Bridge in Lockport filled with Martha Washington geraniums, wave petunias, mandevilla and more.  Stop by and maybe you'll see us watering them...every day.

Keep up to date

We have a Facebook page and we will post when we have new things.


Projects for 2018

Rivi-Erie Will Be Back!

 The City of Lockport stored our chairs,  but we are making sure it is the Rivi-Erie you love.  Stop by Market Street at Widewaters Marina and enjoy.  This project is made possible by the Grigg Lewis Foundation.

Light up Union Station

Union Station is lit up at night.  The first of what we hope will be a number of lighting projects in Lockport.

Lockport Blue 2018

Lockport Blue takes place in November and we have over 20 events from reading with kids [seen here] to assemblies to basketball games to seminars.  Check out for more information.