Thank You to our Sponsors

Grigg Lewis Foundation

Sweet Chalk Festival would not exist without the generous support of the Grigg Lewis Foundation.  We are so lucky to have this Foundation supporting so many projects in Lockport.


This Program is funded, in part,  by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; administered by Arts Services Initiative of Western New York.


Yahoo is sponsoring one of our out of town headliners.  Yahoo has been a friend of Sweet Chalk before and we are grateful.


Thanks to M&T for their generous donation.  They have supported us from the beginning.


The Greater Lockport Development Corporation walks the walk and in this case supports the chalk the walk. Big thanks to them for their unwavering support.

Heinrich Chevrolet

Heinrich Chevrolet donates the use of their van/truck---whatever it is called, it makes a huge difference.  They provide us with a shady headquarters where we provide support to all of the artists and guests.

Lockport Dental Group

Lockport Dental Group is the best dental group around.  My sweet mother, the great Jenny Martin worked there for 30 years and was loved by all.

Mills Jewelers

Mills Jewelers is our neighbor for Sweet chalk.  Owner George Fritz is a good friend to us and a good friend to Lockport.

Lockport Meals on Wheels

Lockport Meals on Wheels delivers food to the homebound in the City of Lockport.  Many of our volunteers are board members. for more information about MOW.

J. Fitzgerald Group

J Fitzgerald is an international marketing and advertising company based in Lockport.  They restored three historic buildings on the Erie Canal and are the greatest company around.

Dale Association

The Dale Association provides programs and services for people of all ages in Lockport.  Many of our volunteers either work at the Dale or are on the Board.

Historic Palace Theatre

The Palace is the center of Lockport entertainment.  The stage musical Billy Elliot will be playing during the Chalk Festival.  Plan to be there.


LCTV runs slides advertising our event all month long and last year did a televised special for us.  We love LCTV.

WNY Challenger Sports

The Challenger Sports League is open to players of all ages. Each player has a physical or mental condition that limits their participation in other competitive sports programs. Games are structured to allow all players to be involved as they are able.

Lockport Inn and Suites

Lockport Inn and Suites is housing our out of town artists at a discounted rate.  Family run and a Lockport landmark, it is a great place.

Jenny Martin

The entire Martin family has been involved in Sweet Chalk over the years in one way or the other.   Inspiration is always from the great Jenny Martin who is missed more than we can say.  

Flight of Five Winery

The Flight of Five Winery is an urban winery right here in Lockport.  Conveniently located right next to the Chalk Festival, it is a must see place. 


Talk about Wonder Women.  The YWCA is an amazing asset to our community.  We benefit from their important work every day.


The dad of one of our artists asked his union to support Sweet Chalk again this year.  Thank you NYSCOA!

Kenan Center

The Kenan has it all and is such an integral part of our community. Art exhibits, live theatre, classes, sports, garments, kids programs and more.  Help celebrate their 50 years.

Lockside Art Center

Lockside is changing.  No longer an actual art center, we are focusing on public art including the Sweet Chalk Festival and the Rivii-Erie.

Do you want to Sponsor an artist?

Contact for more information. 

We try to give a small stipend to the local artists

It's not enough of course---these artists spend an average of 15 hours on their paintings--in the hot sun.  But it is great for Lockport and great for the public to see the talent of their neighbors.

Union Sun & Journal

No organization does more to promote Lockport than the Union Sun.  We are forever grateful for their support.