Returning Local Artists

Mike Thompson

Aubrey Thompson

Courtney Haeick

Carl Winzenried

Doreen Scott

Julia Williamson

Scott Cavarello

Mike Weber

Erika Thurkins

Cathy Schwegler

Deborah Franco

Ryan Chapman

Jessica Tomaino

Kim Wood-Bonds

Liz Spector

Patrick Cavanaugh

Andrea Falsone
Caedyn Metz

Teri Jo Ritz

Julianna Bonnette

Hayley Cavallero

Alexia Fox

Mattie Hamelink

Esme Schaus

Madeline Kowalski

Anna Lawton

Girl Scout Troop

Returning Out of town Artists

Lester Mendoza

The Chalk Guys, Ken Mullen and Hector Diaz

Sara Wenger

Katie Better


Alexis Pleus

Joe Mahley

New Artists

The Chalk Dad Erik Greenawalt

Tonya Youngberg

Cassandra Womack

Shawn McCann

David Brenner

Shelley Brenner

Aislie Mullen

Austin Timken

Aaron Niziol

Zach Case

Kathy Martin

Rachel Bonnette

Matthew Bonnette

Heather Beck

Katharine Hughes

More Coming

We'll try to keep this up to date as more artists confirm.

Interested in being an artist?

Contact Ellen at

what's coming

Vermeer anyone?

Patrick Cavanaugh will be recreating this painting. 

Flaming June by Frederic Leighton

Erika Thurkins will be recreating this painting. 

Gustav Caillebotte

Newcomer to Sweet Chalk but veteran artist Tonya Youngberg will be doing this painting.  

Information for Artists

Getting ready for Sweet Chalk!

There aren’t many rules but no politics, no religion and no nudes—unless famous work of art. For example one artist is chalking the statue of David—both religious and nude—-but obviously a famous work of art.

Subjects:  Can you let me know what you are doing—-I want to make sure that there aren’t repeats.

Biographies:  I have updated everyone’s biography, but if you want something special, please send it to me or bring it with you.

T-shirts:  Please let me know your size. 

Wingman:  If you’re bringing a wingman, please bring something for them to sit on and let me know so we can make the appropriate lunch orders. 

Sponsors:  Some of you will be asked to chalk a sponsor’s logo next to your art piece—it really matters.

Placement:  Some of you have asked to be near others.  I wrote down the requests, but let me know again and I will try to accommodate.  

Social Media:

Please use social media.  We have a Facebook page “sweet chalk festival lockport” twitter is “@sweetlockport”, Instagram is “sweetlockport”

Hours:   We have the site Friday through Monday and the site will be open to artists starting at 2pm on Friday and you can be there anytime but volunteers will be manning the site Saturday and Sunday 8 to 5.

Tempera Paint: 

Feel free to paint your spot first.  We have extra if you need it but remember, it needs to be tempera and it works best if it is watered down.  If you’re unsure, ask some of the veterans about how thin it should be.  

What to bring:

Chalk and pastels [but no oil based pastels], sunglasses, piece of carpet to sit on, knee pads, hat, gloves, sunblock, business cards/postcards, seat for your wingman, handiwipes, spray bottle, sponge.  We allow tents for shade.  We provide a short one page biography to place next to your spot but feel free to bring your own.

Extra Supplies:

We’ll have a lot of stuff available. Tempera paint/paint rollers, Chalk, Hair spray, Sunscreen, Gloves, ladder, snap chalk lines and more are available.

Food and Water:

Lunch will be provided and we will nag you about hydration and sunblock.  Trust us, you’ll thank us later. 

Any questions or concerns, let me know.

Cannot wait!

Ellen and Crew



9am:  Site set up

12pm: Site available to artists for set up.


8:00am Check In begins/lunch sign up

9:00am Event begins

12:00pm Lunch

5:00pm Event ends


8:00am Checkin/lunch sign up/artist 

9:00am Event begins

12:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Fan Favorite voting ends

5:00pm Event ends/Fan Favorite announced